March 27, 2015

Vail Life

Since meeting my husband, I have loved spending time in Vail, Colorado. It is truly a beautiful place. I really could lead a glamorous life in Vail...

This was the first and probably one of the last times I will ever be in Vail and not ski. Since tearing almost all the ligaments in my left knee earlier this year, I have been pretty crippled and not much fun. But this shouldn't take Kevin out of the running for skiing, so we took a quick weekend get away right before my surgery.

First I got to see my girlfriend Andrea and her husband and I really love them to pieces. I wish we lived in the same city, but she is off being BOSS in Denver.

Vail as always, was beautiful.

There was lots of Apres ski for me. Which was easy since the weather was so warm and spectacular (for those of us not skiing anyway...)

Just what the doctor ordered!

And now here I am in bed starting the healing process all over again.

I love traveling. I wish I could do more, more often!
Any questions Vail, Colorado? Inquire here! :-)

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