April 29, 2015

Being Injured

I've mentioned that in late January I injured my knee tearing 3 different ligaments.
On  March 20th I had ACL reconstruction.

I was supposed to get my surgery earlier but I did not have full enough range of motion so I started going to physical therapy three times a week.

It pained me to not get the surgery as soon as possible and to admit to myself that I did not have enough range of motion.

So hesitantly I went and started religiously going to PT. 
PT was and is a slow, slow process but as far as I can tell it is working.
After surgery I have started all over again with the physical therapy.

I am cautious not to push myself too much too fast because my therapist thinks I could. 
Slow and steady is the name of the game here.
So I am hoping with the exercises and stretches I will continue to be on the road to recovery. 

This injury has taught me a few things...
1. I am terrible at being injured. 
2. The physical pain isn't as bad as knowing I can't just get up and go run or even walk a good mile. I have not been able to find another way to exercise, but soon I should be able to!
3. I got injured during a time of year where the weather conditions are perfect and will be recovering when the weather becomes too hot to be outdoors.
4. Lastly, and on a positive note, this injury has made me grateful. Not being able to run, walk, bike, exercise---has really made me thankful for my ability to be active when I am injury free. I need to remember that not all is lost and it will come back.

Physical therapy does take quite of a bit of time out of my day but being injury free will be so worth it.

Make today worth it!


  1. Getting injured always teaches you something.

  2. Things like this always seen to happen at the time in life that you don't want it to!

  3. oh damn. i've had that surgery. that SUCKS. and that stationary bike is the DEVIL. i hate that thing.


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