April 28, 2015

Easter With a Side of Broccoli and Adult Gift Baskets

I realize I never went over my Easter here on the good ol blog. Not that I have to cover every life thing I do, but eh, nothing else is coming to my mind today. I had a very laid back Easter. I went to church with Kevin (and my left knee brace that I took off for the picture) and then we came home and made dinner together. He made ribs (which were bomb...nothing is sexier than a man who can work a grill....Am I right ladies?!?)

I made broccoli. Let me tell you it is the easiest thing to make in the world--you don't even need a recipe. I am sure you will memorize it from these pages and make it over and over again. It is for those nights where you need something quick but need some vegetables. Or Easter in my case...

Steam broccoli in the microwave (per bags instructions) with chunks of Velveeta cheese.
Simple as that.

And so good!

Oh and I gave Kevin an Easter Basket. Because why not?!
I did adult it up a little bit. But also forgot the Easter grass. Kevin must think that I am a raving loon at this point.

Have you ever given out a non-traditional Easter basket before?


  1. I do that with Keith all the time. At first he thought it was weird because his family never did them for them growing up (his family didn't do a lot of stuff) but now its like he'll get sad if there's not one for him :)

  2. I'll take the Reese's bunnies! and I don't think we're ever to old to receive gift Baskets (of any occasion)

  3. mmm cheesy broccoli. YUM.

    easter sunday, my brother's kids wanted to hide the eggs again, and i was the only adult who was willing to play. sad. and my nephew got so pissed off at his sister because she kept giving away where all the eggs were. it was so funny.


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