May 29, 2015

3 Things in Your 20s That you Need to Know

Age is just a number right?
Well despite that there are different things to think about health wise that do depend on that number.

I think as a whole despite all we see in society about everyone getting bigger and fatter and more unhealthy, in general we are trending the exact opposite. Never have we been more focused on health benefits and food. To be fair though, I have always been focused on food. I love food. Too much....

I credit my nursing experience and my mother's wisdom to these three tidbits that all twenty somethings should keep in mind for being happy and healthy:

Fiber can be friendly
We women need 25 grams of fiber a day according to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine. We need this amount until we are 50 because it lowers cholesterol levels, lowers blood glucose levels, and as everyone knows, it keeps things moving (so to speak). But if you are worried about your fiber intakes moving too much...just remember to speak with your provider. Ultimately fiber can lower your risk of colorectal cancer by keeping it moving. 

We aren't planning for baby
I mean some of us don't want kids immediately, but you should keep your weight healthy and eat foods rich with folic acid (dark green vegetables and fruit juices) for up to five years before you plan to conceive. This will help your fertility and studies suggest that adequate folic acid can protect babies from some birth defects.

It is okay to get a D
The biggest help for me I feel in my body heath and choices is what supplements I take. Vitamin D is my favorite. Vitamin D has been shown to be able to help with weight loss and depression.  Those of us who stay away from the sun and lather on the sunscreen (which continues to be a great choice) could be deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a huge role in calcium absorption (which is fantastic since we women are at risk for osteoporosis and at age 30 our bones are as strong as they are going to get!) I personally do not take calcium supplements but instead try and eat lots of cheese and broccoli. 

What is something that you credit to your health and well being that others might not know?
Please share!

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