May 25, 2015

Happiest Moments

I am a person you would call nostalgic. I love reminiscing with friends, flipping through old family photographs, and recalling special stories from my childhood. So much of who I am today is based on those little moments, preserved in memories. Being nostalgic does leave room for me to have regrets, but I try not to focus on that. It is not often that I get to take the time to pinpoint those happy memories. The moments that made me me. This reminds me that the best memories should always be on the top of my mind. 

With that being said, the other night I was thinking of my all time happiest moment. I would have to say either my engagement or my wedding ceremony.

My engagement was a surprise to me. I couldn't stop saying "oh my gosh" and I couldn't hug Kevin hard enough! My wedding ceremony was something I was nervous for. I had a long walk down the aisle and for some reason I thought I might look/sound like a dork. In my head I thought it would look funny. Could Kevin and I look serious and adult and "look the part" getting married? For some reason I thought I might laugh. No idea why. Its not like I have never been to a wedding where during the ceremony I thought, wow, these people aren't in love.

But all I felt in that moment was love. I felt more comfortable in a spotlight moment than I have ever felt in all my life. The most comfortable moment of my life was vowing myself to Kevin.

Tomorrow Kevin and I will celebrate 3 years married. 
This week I will reminisce. 

I'd love to know: can you pinpoint your happiest moment?
What about comfortable?


  1. Happy almost anniversary! Time surely does fly, doesn't it? :)

  2. Happy anniversary! My happiest moments echo yours- engagement and marriage and for some reason, as I read this, I suddenly remembered the day my first baby started crawling. I remember being so so proud and happy. Thanks for reminding me to remember good times! Made me smile! :)

  3. Happy anniversary!!!! I can be a bit nostalgic myself--I love looking back at old pictures.

  4. Happy three year anniversary Lauren! I hope you guys have a great one!

  5. Aww, Happy Anniversary! My husband (now ex) and I got engaged on that same beach in front of the Hotel Del! It was such a magical moment, as I am sure yours was too!


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