June 12, 2015


I have had this little blog for now three years now. It really doesn't feel like it was that long. 

First off, let me say, I have learned a LOT! At the same time there are things I haven't still to this day learned. The world of blogging can be so complex with all the statistics, social media, and comments and posts that goes on behind the scenes. But the other thing that struck me is how simple and supportive the environment it is.

I love that the women I have interacted with have been less competitive (even though we all have our goals and want to be the best) but instead are encouraging and building each other up in whatever ways we can., I love swapping ideas, helping each other out with coding, and giving really constructive criticism. I love that I have made connections online that are now connections in real life.

I love that when I proposed the idea to my husband, he supported it because it would make me happy. He has been great with helping me too.

Finally, this blog has given me joys, challenges, and validation. It is very important to me and I hope to continue to work to expand my knowledge and my confidence through blogging.

Starting a blog at first was an outlet at a time in my life where I just graduated, just married, just moved, and just started a new job.. I wanted to write. At first I wasn’t sure what to write, it was a hard line to straddle. Big Brother is watching....

This is the hardest part for me is how much of my life is out there for anyone to see. It is both a good and a bad thing and I often think of the effect that it has on others (friends, family, husband) and not just me. Many bloggers have pictures that bear little resemblance to what life is actually like. I say this in the nicest way possible because one day I want that to be what comes across as well (in my own way). I mean pictures of food have props and perfect lighting and it makes you want to eat the meal. I take my picture of food I make with my cell phone camera two seconds at dark thirty because I am starving. It is honest, but let's be real, no one is pinning that.

I can't imagine a life now without blogging. Here is to you Life Love Lauren and more improvement, growth, and challenges to come!!


  1. Happy blogiversary! I always think about not blogging then I realize that my life would be boring if I didn't or if I didn't stop by and visit the blogs I've gotten to know and love. Its a great world, I would agree!

  2. Happy belated blogiversary, I like following along on your blog!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!! I love reading your blog and appreciate how real you are! Here's to many more years of blogging and support!


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