June 15, 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway

For our 3rd Anniversary, Kevin and I took an incredible week vacation spending time in four states: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. I am going through all the highlights this week. Enjoy!

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The Blue Ridge Parkway. Seriously, a major highlight. If you are ever near Asheville, you need to do this beautiful, scenic two lane park. The hiking and views are all incredible.

Here are some of the highlights of the Blue Ridge Parkway:

From South to North. Asheville to Roanoke.
Forgive me these are all out of order!

Milepost 291.9 US 221/321 
Right off of the Parkway here is Boone. This little town has Appalachian State University. I am so glad we stopped here. Boone did not disappoint! We settled on eating at Proper. So good, Friendly service, a beautiful little patio, and great food.

Milepost 302.8-303
 Rough Ridge. My favorite stop! There is a moderate 1/3 mile hike to a boardwalk atop a rocky ridge along Tanawha Trail with beautiful views.

Just so you know, this was already there, we did not disturb nature!
Happy Anniversary to us!

The views were incredible!

Milepost 316.4
Linville Falls had the most gorgeous waterfall. They classified the hike we took to the plunge basin (pictured) was difficult to the falls. It was my definition of easy...ACL tear and all!

Milepost 320.8
Chestoa View. Stop and walk a short trail to one of the best views on the Parkway.

Milepost 334
Right off the parkway here is Little Switzerland. We stayed in a little Inn for the night here. It was a good rest point for us so we could do more of the parkway.

Milepost 362.1
 Glassmine Falls Overlook. After a good rain you can really see this 200-foot waterfall from across the valley. During drier periods, the waterfall almost dries up. We could see it a little, but it was pretty dry.

Milepost 364
Craggy Gardens. The high-elevation summits boast some of the most spectacular floral displays along the Parkway, including a breathtaking rhododendron garden that bursts with color in June (it was starting when we were there. Mount Mitchell is the highest point in eastern North America and can be seen from here as well.

Milepost 355.0
Ridge Junction Overlook. The panoramic views of the Black Mountains are pretty cool!

Milepost 237.0
Air Bellows Overlook. I guess it gets its name because the wind gets strong in the winter. Otherwise you stand on a crest overlooking a valley of beautiful Christmas Trees.

Others that we stopped at:
tanbark ridge overlook
grandfather mountain
graybeard mountain overlook
green knob overlook
devils backbone
puckett cabin

Throughout the parkway, you can see a change in terrain and majesty. I think this would be a beautiful and totally different experience in the fall. For me the North Carolina side was the prettiest. I felt like there was better hiking and views on that side.

Who wants to come with me in the fall?


  1. Years ago, when I was in the explorers, we spent a week in the Blue Ridge Mountains at a camp and your views took me back to that time. Isn't that part just gorgeous - I bet it'll be even more gorgeous when you go back in the fall :)

  2. Those are some seriously gorgeous photos Lauren - very jealous indeed!

  3. We visited Sugar Mountain, in Boone a couple of years ago and went snowboarding there.. I love your pictures of the area!


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