June 29, 2015

Do me

I am officially crossing over. I am no longer in my early 20s. Feels weird. I am realizing that there are some things that I need to do before I get older. This kind of goes with my tidbits I shared of what should have already been accomplished.

Stop eating junk food
Fast food, junk food, it is easy and fast after making money at your job all day. I can buy lots of junk food, but I can't buy health. I need to give it up. I eat wayyyy too much!

Maintain/repair relationships with my parents and siblings
Life is too short.

Stop not wearing sunscreen
I do not want wrinkles or thin skin from the sun.

Exercise regularly
I cannot wait to start building a consistent active lifestyle after recovering from this ACL surgery. I want to keep my weight at a normal and healthy level for myself.

Don't delay on my life goals
I feel like changes I have wanted to make, I never really felt I knew when to make them. Truth be told, I will never know. Just go and do!

Give back
As much as I can and when I can.

Travel whenever I can
It is so amazing to be and see different places.

Make my home the best
Even with the love I have for traveling, I want my home to be the base where comfort and safety is felt. It needs to be the best place for me and my family.

Get a massage
Because yeah, why not?!

Sometimes, you just gotta do you!

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