June 19, 2015

Happy Father's Day

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have two parents. A mom and a dad are a wealth of information in guidance--often in different ways. There is always a lesson in something they teach us (whether they intend to or not.)

Today I want to talk about my dad. He is a pretty incredible guy. He has been through a lot in his life and continues to be a strong pillar for me. He has taught me important life lessons throughout the years that I thought I would share here in honor of Father's Day.

Good things come to those who work hard. 
Dad worked and my mom was a stay at home mom. It didn't bring in tons of cash flow, but we always managed to have just what we needed. They both worked hard for our family house and made it our family home. My dad was out there building everything and rebuilding us our dream home step by step. He worked hard to give us what we wanted.

Don’t settle.
Put forth your best and whatever that is, will be good enough. What you do doesn't have to be perfect, you don't have to be the best, but give it your best. Don't just sit back and say "oh, that is okay...that will do." 

Go find what you wanna do. 
You’re never going to get what you want in life if you sit back and wait for it to come to you. Sometimes opportunity lands in your lap but that is usually because of all the legwork you have done leading up to it. If there is something you want in life, make it happen.

Leave your sister alone. 
My younger sister would "bother" me when we were younger. My mom would tell me/us to stop fighting frequently, but I knew when my dad came in, it was serious and I needed to stop. Often times he didn't even have to say anything. I should have listened more because while it seems trivial I think it had a big meaning to impact the future. Don't stomp on anyone. They may stop coming around.

Another example of don't stomp on anyone is that my dad was driving young Lauren home one day and I saw the workers out in the field picking chili peppers. I made a comment to the effect of "why would anyone pick that as a job?!" He stopped the car and spoke to the guy working and all of a sudden I was picking chili. When I got back into the car, I was crying, my hands burned, I made the mistake of touching my face, and my dad said...they do jobs that you don't want to so you can go out and do what you want to and still have chili to eat. Best lesson ever.

Money cannot buy happiness and Family first. 
Being together is what makes him happy. Sure if I needed gas money or anything, he was there for me, but he was truly a man that was made happy with being together with his family. That is something money can't buy.

You can do absolutely anything you want in life. 
When I graduated from nursing school he stood by proud and supportive beaming with pride. When I had trouble immediately finding a job, he gave me words of encouragement and reminded me that I can do anything and it just may take time. He told me I worked hard and it will pay off. I sure can do anything in my life...with him by my side. 

I told you my dad is great! I honestly don’t believe I could have done half the things I have done in my life without his support and encouragement. Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

What are some great lessons your dad has taught you? Feel free to tell me about your dad in the comments...after all, this weekend is about the dads!

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  1. Such a sweet post!! Happy Father's day to your dad!


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