June 18, 2015

Morning Work Out Motivation

I seriously don't have it. I keep telling myself that I have never been able to work out in the morning. Then I realized I was lying to myself. In high school I had to be at swim practice at 0545 and had to go directly from there to school and then directly from school to swim practice again before getting to go home. So I had to have my whole day planned and ready to go and oh yeah I had a 40 minute drive from home. That is early! Before my ACL injury, my body hated me if I tried running in the morning. Now status post injury I am telling myself GET MOTIVATED! I did and now I am finally feeling better. It took a lot, but I am here to share how to get up, out, and motivated in the morning!

Some mornings are struggles but at five or six later that night when everyone is struggling to go to the gym after a long day of work, you can smile and know that you have already done something today.  When I worked 8 hour days I would find that hour after work where I would have been working out, I could get all my errands done and be home eating dinner at a reasonable hour. When I workout after work, go to the grocery store and get around to eating dinner sometimes it is 9 at night. Now that I am working 12 hour days, I do one little morning workout and no evening workouts. On days I don't work I workout in the morning after my body gets some sleep. My morning workouts when I work are some stretches, crunches, and squats for 5-10 minutes, but hey at least it is something!

How to Motivate to Get Up for Early Morning Workouts.

Make sure to go to bed at a decent hour.
Waking up in the morning to an alarm is just terrible anyway, but I have to ensure that whatever time I am getting up that I get at least 6-7 hours of sleep in there. Otherwise I will not be human.

Lay out your clothes the night before.
Kevin is still asleep when I am waking up so I lay my clothes out in another room so that I can have the added benefit of a little light getting ready in the morning. I pack my lunch and everything I will need for work too. Planning helps!

Just get out.
Honestly I don't even realize I'm out of the house till I'm in my car. Make it a routine. Alarm goes off, change into clothes on the chair by the bed, brush teeth, grab water, keys and head out the door. I am out of my house sometimes 10 minutes after the alarm goes off. No social media Lauren!!!

Sign up for something that costs money if you cancel.
This is one of the biggest motivators for me. If I have signed up for a gym, Barre Class or whatever....my butt is out of bed.  Money or wasting money is a big motivator to get out of a warm bed.

Sign up for things with other people.
I don't have a work out buddy like most people say to get, but I do feel like I need to get out and do it, especially if I have a class or place to be. People and classes motivate me.

What do you do to motivate yourself to workout?


  1. I (try) go to the gym Tuesday/Thursday mornings for a 5:45 am class. And man is it rough some mornings!! Definitely does help to have a friend to go with though- I feel more guilty cancelling on her than if I just don't go by myself.

  2. I agree, mornings are the worse to get motivated to work out but man once done, you got the whole day!!


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