June 2, 2015

Snapchat Round Up

People do Instagram round ups...and Snapchat makes it really easy to save your pictures...they aren't even trying to be the "it never existed" application anymore.

That is fine by me. I love it. Here is a round up of my Snapchats from my anniversary trip to the Southeast. I'll share more from my real camera from the trip soon!

Charleston has the most beautiful houses and sure gave us some great weather // The view from a great little restaurant called Fleet Landing  // Beautiful beach views in Charleston // We drove through four states for this vacation to see and take in all we could. You bet I was tired of driving at some point. // On our anniversary night we enjoyed a fancy dinner. Three years and more to come with this guy!

Seeing Savannah, GA was fun but humid! // I did take advantage of splurging for a fancy downtown hotel in Savannah with a great rooftop pool.  // Seriously, those homes in Charleston, I could not get enough. // Being a desert girl, seeing the beautiful hydrangeas was so nice. // Oh and wine. Yes, wine. 

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