June 22, 2015

The Double vs. Single Sink Debate

In the kitchen that is...
Do they even make double sinks for bathrooms?
I'm sure, everything seems to be a possibility now a day...

The kitchen sink is a busy place. You do your prep work and your cleaning all there. It's important to choose a sink that's well suited to your daily needs and complements your working style. It didn't take Kevin and I to decide that in our kitchen that single was the way to go! A single-bowl model can be a versatile and convenient option for the kitchen work zone. We chose an under mount granite composite for our sink and we wouldn't change a thing about it.

We have lived with this sink for now almost three years and I still feel the same way. Never the less, I thought I would share some pros and cons for choosing a single bowl sink.

Single-bowl sinks can work well in any size of kitchen, but they're especially useful in small kitchens with limited counter space. (Hey we have all been there!) A large double bowl sink may overwhelm a small room.
If you are mainly using the kitchen sink to rinse dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, a single-bowl sink may be all you need. They make washing large items much easier. You can you lay a turkey pan, crock pot, cookie sheet, whatever entirely flat in the bottom for soaking or cleaning.


They can make it a little more challenging to work on separate tasks simultaneously. If you often clean up as you are preparing food, for example, or if you wash and rinse dishes at the sink, a double sink can make these tasks easier. 

Not a big drawback for me and clearly that is why I love me a nice big kitchen sink.

What about you guys?
Are you double....or single? ;-)

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