June 1, 2015

The Leather Gift

It is that time again! Kevin and I had our wedding anniversary. This year was year three. The traditional gift is leather and the modern gift is crystal/glass. I always try and come up with gifts that incorporate both lists.

You can see what I did for:

This year Kevin took part in the festivities and upstaged me with his gifts to me. I am such a lucky girl! This was also lucky for me because I was a little less than inspired with leather and glass/crystal for some reason. Next year is fruit/flowers and appliances. I know I can think of some creative things there!!

Kevin got me a beautiful Swarovski Crystal bracelet and small leather Kate Spade wallet.
Yep. He done good.

So for him I went with the same idea he had for leather. I went with a wallet. He needed a new one and I picked him out one he really likes.  I also got him some margarita glasses. Margaritas are his favorite drink, so I was sure to have one made for him. 

I'll share two margarita recipes for you soon that I have filled these glasses with thus far!
Happy Monday!

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  1. I was just about to say that our year 4 is the flowers this year so I'm curious as to what Keith will do. I got part of his already so I'm seriously thinking a fun flower type thing along the lines of what guys like.

    And I love what you got for year 3!


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