July 15, 2015

ABC, Go Me!!

People used to do this all the time right!? I wrote here that I don't like blog change {And you can enter my giveaway there!}, so might as well go back to the fun stuff! Haha!

ABC's of Me!

A|| Available: For gym dates, wine nights, an evening cook out, or a morning hike.

B|| Biggest Fear: Centipedes...ugh! 

C|| Crushing On: Some new picture frames I got for my living room. I am hoping it is what this corner needs that I haven't been able to decorate for the three years I have been in this house.

D|| Drink You Had Last: Water. Always be drinking water.

E|| Easiest Person to Talk To: Kevin.

F|| Favorite Color: Pink. Or blue. Or green....haha!

G|| Grossest Memory: I have no idea...I hope it is not still to come though.

H|| Hometown: Las Cruces, New Mexico

I|| Indulgence: Chocolate and desserts!

J|| Jealous Of: People who know how to do their hair. I would really love to know how to use a curling iron and use a round brush to blow dry my hair.

K|| Kiddos: Not right now, just enjoying being married.

L|| Love: My life. I have a pretty good one. I have a great job, husband, family, and friends.

M|| Middle Name: Elizabeth

N|| Number of Siblings: Two sisters: Tess and Ellie Both younger. It stinks being long distance from them, but I hope they know I will always be there for them.

O|| One Wish: to have a happy, healthy, wealthy life. ;-)

P|| Person Who Called Last: Probably Kevin or my mom.

Q|| Question You're Always Asked: What is wrong with your thumbs?  or Want to play Dominion?

R|| Reason to Smile: Life is good!

S|| Song You Last Sang: Right now I am singing this mashup by Sam Tsui.

T|| Time you Woke Up: Bright and early at 4:45 a.m.

U|| Unsure Of: When and what I will do to the backyard and what furniture piece to by for the office.

V|| Violent Moment You Had: My most violent moments were probably patient encounters when I was working with the psych/dementia population.

W|| Worst Habit[s]: Overeating and braking my nails.

X|| Number of X-Rays You've Had: I just had one after my knee surgery to make sure the screws and such were in the right place! I think that was my only one besides the ones at the dentist!

Y|| Years Young: 26

Z|| Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Is it true that during a field sobriety check they have you spell the alphabet backwards?
I would fail sober! 


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