July 30, 2015

Campus Book Rentals

For me living in southern Arizona, summers going by fast, are a good thing!
For others, summers are a break from school. Right now my husband is going to be starting his last semester of grad school and my sister here second year of college! Where has the time gone?!?

In addition to loving the weather more during "school year times," I enjoy not having to pay for school. But if you are currently going to school, you might wanna seek out all the best deals and ways to save money!

You can rent those big, expensive textbooks for 40-90% off. In addition to free shipping both ways, you can even mark in the books! Oh and they donate to Operation Smile with each book rented.

Giving and getting!
Oh and Campus Book Rentals may also save you from getting nagged.
Let me explain:

My husband is the kind of guy who doesn't just like to throw away expensive purchases. All of his undergrad textbooks that he had are just that. They just take up space and I nag about it.

He now knows better since going to graduate school. ;-)

So give to a good cause and save yourself some money and nagging this school year...and good luck!
May the grades be with you!

I was compensated to give my honest opinion of a service. All opinions are my own.

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  1. The one thing that was so positive about where I went to college is that they had pure rentals, and it cost a mere $20 a semester to rent all your books and they took them back. You had an option to pay if you wished to keep it (and they'd only be like $5 a book) but then I never had all these expensive things to deal with.


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