July 1, 2015

How Far Have We Come?

I never shared pictures of this weekend, but a couple weekends ago, Kevin and I went back to our hometown and went and watched his cousin graduate college. She graduated from the same college and in the same building we did. Down the road a little way is the high school where Kevin and I met. Currently right now it is undergoing a pretty good sized renovation. We were told it was almost done when we got there. Seeing things so differently made me nostalgic. (Haha you guys were warned here that I am!) It made me realize how much over time you truly do grow and change.

Us with the graduate!

When I graduated college, I thought everything would just fall into place. Little did I know that just a few months after wearing my gap and gown I would be battling my test anxiety, trying to find a job, learning to be a wife, and learning to live with the heat. There were days I sat in a hot house on second hand couches thinking I would never find a job. When I look back I smile at how you can learn to live through it (starting a blog was one of the ways) and knowing that the storm does pass. The shame fades as well.

We have come a long way since those kids who left that town, and it left a little lump in my throat being there and feeling so grateful for the life we have together now. 

Sometimes it is hard to see any significant progress made when living our day to day lives. Sometimes you do need to be nostalgic and look back on the times and where you were to where you are now to see the growth. We are always making progress, even when you can't see it or are unsure of changes to your life. Hopefully, they are ones that are fantastic or will shape you for the better.

Just know that you can get from point A to point B with hard work, dedication, and chocolate. Embrace life and you will be on an amazing adventure! (Make sure you say adventure in a Hobbit voice...it sounds way cooler)

So take this time to be nostalgic. 
What are some of your biggest life lessons so far?
Let me know!

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