July 16, 2015

How Personal Should I be on my Blog?

When I first started blogging, I realized as a lifestyle blogger that I quickly had to ask myself "How personal will I get on this blog?" I didn't really realize until I shared something about my husband he didn't want the world wide web to know that I removed from my blog. I then realized I had to be serious about this question because sharing information about me will also affect my family. 

There are bloggers that blog for business and that becomes their focus. There are some bloggers where being incredibly personal and sharing intimate details of their lives is part of their brand. It’s what they do and some do it very well. But what about those of us who share stories of our lives, who share details of our lives but don’t want to share everything?

In addition to that post I put out and removed, I have found myself having written a post only to go back, edit, delete and rewrite. This isn't to say I have shared some pretty personal details on my blog...

I decided to come up with some basic ground rules for sharing information. Hopefully they can help you too.

one // Would I want my mom to read this post?

two // If this post went viral (haha I wish!), would I be happy having this topic associated with my name and my blog?

three // If I read this post on someone else’s blog, what would I think?

four // Is sharing this information essential and does it add value to my blog?

five // Will this post negatively impact on my brand and my PR goals?

So far this has worked well for me. I want to make my blog for me yes, but for others as well. Over-sharing can be sometimes a spillage of my emotions. 

Here is a blog info-graphic...because why not...

How do you determine what is too personal to share on your blog? 
Do you have rules or do you just share whatever you feel like at the time? 
Tell me how you answer the question ‘how personal should I be on my blog?


  1. I take the above into consideration however my mom would be happy that I'm a blogger - my stepmom hates it. Oh well, can't win them all!

  2. I love the graphic you made to go along with this post! I rarely post anything too personal, but you're right about it being a tough balance to figure out!

  3. In the past, I have sometimes blogged about my struggles in life. It turns out that me going through those hard things and writing about how I made it through really helped other people. If anything just stay positive. :)

  4. This is so true!! Exactly my thought process and the concerns I had when starting blogging. Mom, grandma, mother in law - fill in the blank and that is just a good life rule ;)

  5. Funny you should mention this because as I was attempting to update my blog, I went through some of my older posts (from 2-3 years ago) and was kinda embarrassed about some of the things I shared. I quickly saved those as "drafts". But, then again, I feel like my blogs taken a whole new turn since Colt's autism diagnosis. Now I feel like I am sharing way more than I ever thought possible - I'm hoping I can strike a happy medium at some point!


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