July 6, 2015

Men and Pictures

There are so many things men do not understand about taking a simple picture.

Women take better pictures then men. A girl understands what girls are looking for in a picture. Although all girls would love the beautiful background captured but girls would much prefer to be in the picture, look as skinny as possible, and have good lighting.

Prepare for some bad pictures of me as I embarrass myself to prove a point...

Men still don't understand.

Everyone has a good side. Which also means we have a bad side. Other girls will tell us to switch sides, move, or take the picture all over again until we are on our good side. 
Man: That looks good. 
Woman: Lauren, go ahead and get that piece of hair out of your face and don't stick your hips out like that.

Men cannot differentiate. 

Everyone has a pose. Whether it is the hand on a hip, smile with teeth, without teeth, one foot in front of the other, the list goes on...This will tell you when I am ready for you to snap a picture okay?
Man: Snaps picture (for the record this is one of two really bad ones and the only I have of me in front of this Basilica)
Woman: Waits until I am ready and smiling and posing. Unless she is a professional photographer and can get good candids.

Men cannot wait until we are ready.

Angles are important to us. You do not need to bend down and take a picture from up. That is not a good angle.
Just when was this ever going to be a good picture?

Men, if I don't look great, then it's "just okay."

We get a little nervous hearing we have been tagged in a photo. Our girlfriends will post the picture because it means one thing...it is good of them.

The guy in the back tags this talking on the phone looking hella fierce and i'm over here like...RBF (resting bitch face)

Men don't understand that in the age of digital, I don't care how many I have

When we say take a picture, we mean take ten. It would be wonderful if the first picture turned out well. but that doesn't usually happen.

Men will need to be taught this...over and over and over again.

A picture is only good or great if you look good in it. Now that doesn't matter who takes it...someone off the street or a professional photographer.

Men we are equally scared when you tag us for different reasons...did you even look at the picture!?

Sadly we understand the bad pictures though. They are a millisecond in our life. They may have our chin pinned a way making us look uncomfortable or our arm pressed against our side making us look twice as big. Regardless, we would rather have one bad picture of a really important moment in time then none at all.

Thank you for taking our pictures.
Just next time make sure it is a good one though!!!

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  1. This is hilarious and so true!! I always have to tell Steve exactly what I want the pictures to look like. Sometimes I'll actually show him a picture of a similar pose or angle, so that hopefully he can duplicate it. :)


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