July 20, 2015

Monday Motivation

I just keep writing about the blogging community. I wrote about growing your blog while working full time. I wrote about bloggers supporting each other. I wrote about social media. I wrote about how personal to be in a lifestyle blog. I am just so inspired by the bloggers online. I love seeing bits and pieces of their lives. I think this is because when we look for purpose, when we look for advice, when we don't know what to do, looking to bloggers can inspire and be a great way to figure it out.

 Blogging for me is a hobby. It is a hobby that takes up a lot of my time, is solo, and I don't make any money from. By all accounts, I could ask why do I do it. But when I am not doing it, I dream of blogging.

Everyone's dreams are different. If our dreams and goals and ambitions come too much from outside sources, they will feel empty and disappointing if and when we reach them. But that also shapes us...we consume, we watch, we act, and we are inspired. Blogging is a dream, I have goals blogging, and blogging inspires me. Blogging has made me happier, makes me feel determined and focused when I need to be. But we have to turn dreams, ambitions, and inspiration into practicality at times.

For me, I want to work hard everyday so that I can build a dream home base with travels and adventures scattered throughout. I want to build a family and be the best mom I can. I want to live a whole and fulfilling life.
I leave you with the inspiration to go and do what you want. Some of practical, some of it not. You just have to ask yourself in the grand scheme of your goals and dreams if it is something you are okay with at this time in your life. When people reach big milestones in their lives and you worry that you should be chasing the same, ask yourself if it is something you really want from your life. It is okay to be whoever wherever you are if you are okay with it. There is no rule on what we need to be doing. Stay inspired by the awesome people around you, both online and offline, but know that it’s okay if your dream doesn’t look exactly the same as theirs.

Go on after your dreams for your life. Who cares if some is unknown at this time. There are no rule. You be you.

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