July 9, 2015

San Diego Vacation

Taking pictures. This is something I need to do more of. 
Especially with my amazing DSLR camera I have.
I need to learn to better use it in manual and have lots of fun.

Plus a big weakness for me on this blog is my pictures.
So how exciting, for my 10th anniversary dating Kevin, we take a trip to San Diego!
And guess who forgets her camera...

I would have preferred to forget my underwear...at least I could have bought those.
Yay for cell phone pictures!

This trip we spent our time staying in the Gaslamp district. We have stayed there before and it is great for the ability to use public transportation! We stayed at the Andaz (a Hyatt hotel--we stayed there using points) and I would never stay there again. Pros: nice rooms, they upgraded our room for our anniversary, free wine at check it, great location. Cons: Their pool was not exclusive to the guests staying there. They threw lots of parties. Cool if paying to be by the pool plus pay for drinks was my thing. (it isn't) Can you tell I am cheap? I book a nice hotel off of points and use public transportation. Just an FYI San Diego's public transportation is pretty great!

1// leftovers for breakfast
2// Andaz pool before the madness

1// flowers and a cute card Kevin made me
2// Balboa Park
3// Coronado Beach
4// The restaurant in Coronado we ate at when we got engaged. Memory Lane party of 2!

When Kevin and I got engaged in San Diego, we went on a dinner cruise. This time we tried our hand at another cruise called Sips and Sights. It was fun! I highly recommend taking a cruise. The dinner one is great if you have the dough to drop.

We spent sometime in Coronado. I think the houses over there are so cute. I forgot to take lots of pictures there.

Oh and Balboa Park! It is so nice to walk around. I bet you it is even more fun when you have kids...all the sights and museums...it is pretty great!

We were there for the fourth of July but not for the fireworks. We were torn between going to Coronado and Old Town for their parades and celebrations. We had never been to Old Town so we chose there. If you are ever in San Diego for the famous fourth....go to Coronado.

We journeyed home on Southwest (free booze on holidays) and saw fireworks in Tucson.
Then I worked Sunday. 

How is that for a fantastic holiday weekend?
I almost felt like a normal working person!


  1. awhhhh you and Kevin are such a cute couple! have 10 years of dating!! Soooo exciting! And I;m sure you guys have come a long way. There's no better place to celebrate than San Diego!! And the cell phone pictures are still great! I always forget my nice camera, too! i've been trying to be better at remembering, though!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. I meant to put happy 10 years of dating haha typo!

  2. what a fun trip! love the picture of you standing in front of the flag. love the cell phone pictures. :) happy 10 years of dating!


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