July 8, 2015

Social Media Luster

 The other day my sister was visiting and we thought back to our MySpace days. Those profiles seem to not be available anymore. It seems that new social media platforms come out and we find ourselves liking the new ones. I think maybe it is just the evolution of social media that keeps us on different platforms.

So with that, let's talk Facebook. I have a personal Facebook that I really never post anything blog to. Same goes with my personal Instagram. I do use my Twitter for my blog primarily and then love having Snapchat and Pinterest. Sometimes I wonder if I need a Facebook profile for my blog. I just don't want to have two different accounts for my personal and blog because my blog is my person. Plus I have found I don't get much traffic from my Twitter, let alone possibly my Facebook.
Me Snapchatting.

Also, at this point, I am not quite sure Facebook is something I enjoy anymore. I enjoy it as a way to keep up with people that don't have Instagram.

It is like Facebook combines all the different things I like about Twitter and Instagram, but I find myself liking the two platforms more than this one.

Just remember... :-)

What about you guys? 

What’s your relationship with Facebook? 
Do you share any of your posts with your friends?


  1. I feel the same way about Facebook. I did end up creating two different accounts, but I find myself never posting anything. It seems that Twitter and Snapchat are growing in popularity, but they just don't interest me. I'm more visual so I think I'll stick to Instagram and Pinterest.

  2. I actually just re-read one of my posts about this (about merging real life vs blog life) I mentioned that I didn't want to share my blog link with the rest of the world (or even want anyone to know about it). You commented that you didn't share your link out either.

    But, it made me think - should I start a Facebook page for my blog? Now a days I feel like everyone has one. But, like you, it just kinda seems like more work and something else I need to keep up with and update. I have IG and Twitter (but don't use Twitter). My blog link is in my IG bio but I don't feel like anyone accesses it from there.

    So, to Facebook or not to Facebook that is the question!


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