July 28, 2015

Three Ways to Inspire You When You're in a Blogging Lull

Writing a blog post.

Looking at a white piece of paper on your screen with a blinking cursor can be daunting when you have no idea what to say. 

I try to never blog when I feel uninspired, but how does one get inspired?
I use the traditional methods, what I see around me, what I do (life/cooking/home improvements/traveling), and Pinterest. But if all of that fails, you have to look deeper for inspiration.

Try something new
For a while, I did not add in a lot of recipes or travel on my blog. I thought I needed to abide by some blog rules that didn't exist and not put too many different directions on my blog. But now I blog on what I want and when I want. If that means trying something new, who knows, it could be awesome!

Look at your analytics
There will be times where more or less people are reading or interacting on your blog. It happens to even the biggest of blogs. Sometimes there are just lulls. But if you are worried, look at what posts have been most popular and where people are going to get to your blog and use that to equip yourself to go further and write on.

Step back
I mentioned in this post, that you should never write just because you need to feel you need to. You do not want your posts to feel stagnant or be an obligation.

What do you do to get yourself out of a blogging lull?

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  1. What I do to get myself out of a blogging lull is reading your blog post about getting out of a blogging lull ;)


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