July 21, 2015

Why I Shouldn't Have Weekdays Off

Working three 12's gets me some nice days off. Just a lot of time time they are weekdays because nurses have to work weekends. Boo. But so then there I am with a weekday off and all alone because everyone else is at work. I look forward to some of that alone time. I should use those days to cook, clean, organize, and just do things. All to often these days I find myself without a lot of motivation.

Oh and it is just way too warm outside! I can't very well on a whim take a comfortable hike to stay in shape. Outdoor activities are pretty limited during Arizona's summers.


Yesterday I had had a day off and apparently forgot that I am an adult. I ended up watching Twilight, Ender's Game, and Divergent. Apparently watching those movies makes you really hungry. Just warning you guys. 

I also meant to blog more. Instead I found myself distracted by lots of stuff on the internet. YouTube Buzzfeed takes up way too much of my time!

Then what happens is when my husband comes home, I am ready to do something and he is ready to decompress.

Adding days to work just sounds exhausting though. Tough predicament. 
Maybe I will add days during the summer and enjoy outdoor activities with my days off in the winter. Winter seems so far away right now though :-(

Does anyone else out there get random weekdays off?
What do you do and how do you stay motivated?


  1. I was in the same boat yesterday - I should have done stuff all day but instead I binged watched my tv shows. It was good!

  2. Angel loved all of his weekdays off--a lot of times, he was home all day without me, but I liked that too because then he could do yardwork and housework. I've never had a really high-stress job, so even when I came home I was ready to go and do whatever we could.


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