July 13, 2015

Why No One Reads My Blog Anymore (Giveaway)

When I started blogging, no one knew this blog existed. Then, I realized there was a world of bloggers out there, and that I wanted to join. It seems like blogging has changed so much since then. I started networking and growing my blog through link ups and hosting my own with Tiffany who unfortunately is no longer blogging. I saw readers become engaged and was able to engage with them. It was a great time.

Now a days everything seems to be changing. Sometimes we are so deeply rooted that change becomes hard for us. I recently celebrated my blogiversary and find myself with very little readership and engagement. I find a lot of the bloggers that I was close to both in real life and in the blog wold either not writing anymore or with what seems like little followers. I found that when life got in the way and I was not able to blog consistently I was losing more and more. Then you see blogs that are unaffected. That is because they have adapted to change well. That is why they are able to engage consistently. I end up seeing some blogs with similar content as me thriving and me getting lost in an effort to try and grow my blog with no results. 

Enough about me. This is becoming way to much a sad. self realization post of me just writing down thoughts I should probably keep to myself. But then again, no I shouldn't. Isn't that why most of us started blogs in the first place? To share feelings and thoughts that you are thinking but its not kosher to say generally? To find that you are not alone in these thoughts/actions/whatever and feel better/inspired/whatever?

I believe that generally what can instantly draw people away from your blog, I have correct. I have a mobile accessible blog, I have a search bar, I have posts with labels, I have an easy to read font and no crazy backgrounds/color schemes, I have social media easily accessible (except for Facebook. Should I get one for the blog?!), and no annoying ads that make noise or take a long time to load or clutter up a page. Sorry for you people that have ads, but just an FYI...glad you are making money off it but they are annoying AF.

I started thinking about the blogs that I read and have good followships. --that is not a word Lauren....and they all fall into two major categories for me: How to and Lifestyle. Those two are what I notice I try and meld into my one blog. Maybe that is the issue? People say to find your niche. But what if that is my niche? I have a life and I know how to do a couple of things. 

Now granted I think I would be pretty silly to try and do a fashion post or a how to post about cameras because well...I suck at that, but it may also be far fetched to do this post. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and what feels right to you. You have to have some hope that, along with some work, research, and time that you can achieve what you want from your blog.

I would like to achieve readership and leave those readers with inspiration, information, and connection.

With that in mind, I set out to improve what I need to in sets of three (because we all know that is the rule of thumb when decorating!):

The Basics
1. Post quality consistently. --A hard basic.
2. Network. -- My favorite part!
3. A good writing style. --Your readers have to understand and also completely feel what you are saying.

The Details
1. Good, clear visuals. --Something I need to improve desperately.
2. Details. --This is a big one, If you post a how to or a recipe or something, you aren't the first to most likely invent the wheel. You need good detail so someone doesn't go looking for a more detailed version of the information you are trying to promote/get across to your audience. 
3. Learning never stops. --You have to see what your readers like. Some posts that have gotten good responses are the posts I never thought would! Tweak your blog to cater to that!

Changes//Things I Will Never Understand
1. Giveaways (Big group/Loop). --When I first started blogging, sure there were giveaways...but now they are huge giveaways and loop giveaways and basically things that require you to spend 500 hours following 500 other people. That is way to many people!
2. Making money. --I would love someone to help me understand this one. I feel like there are unsaid things that happen (which is cool, gotta make that money honey) but I just don't know any of it.
3. Promoting posts. --I can share on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest...but how do I know that it is getting anywhere? What do I need to do to make them stand out? Furthermore, I don't understand all that self hosting, and wordpress and html and analytics and such.

Overall, this is hard and sad for me at times. At times I feel like since I am trying really hard, I deserve to get a million page views a week. Well, I could be the most deserving person in the world, but in the end, people aren't reading my blog because I deserve it. They are reading my blog because they get something out of it. That makes me happy.

In the end, Blogging is truly like life. Visually and in the details. Visually if you are trying to get in a relationship with someone and go on a date, you could be the most deserving of love, but you aren't going to get it unless you have something to offer: ie. you are smart, funny, and with a good appearance. 

As for details, you aren't going to get those page views just because you are deserving, you have to work hard. When you apply for a job, you can be the best person in the world working hard to support your family, but the company hiring you needs to see you want to work hard for them. This is as evidenced by qualifications, commitment, and work ethic. 

Do people even stop and read long blog posts like this anymore?
Here is what I will do since I want to hear your thoughts about this topic. Comment below answering these three (I like three this post) questions and I will pick one person at random and send them a $15 gift card cash money.

1. Why do you read blogs and what do you hope to gain from blogs?
2. What platform do you follow blogs through? (ie. email, bloglovin, twitter, etc...) You must follow my blog through the platform of your choice.
3. What do you love and not love about Life Love Lauren? What would you like to see more and less of?

Basically, let your friends know to come give me some feedback please!
1. Tweet about this giveaway and let me know (via the comments).
2. Instagram about this giveaway and let me know (via the comments).
3. Pin this giveaway and let me know (via the comments).

This giveaway ends on July 20th, 2015!


  1. 1. I read to take away anxiety and get perspective on others life
    2. I would like to see more help information
    3. following BL, Twitter and FB

  2. I actually really enjoy your blog: sorry if I don't engage more regularly!
    1. I read blogs really to get new ideas about how other people live, and live happily. Sometimes this inspire me to take a fresh approach to my own life.
    2. I prefer to follow blogs through email - more convenient for me.
    3. I particularly like the photographs that you share that let me see things I'd otherwise never get to see. Honestly, if I were king for a day there's really nothing in your blog I'd alter.
    Can I add one more thing? You manage to keep your posts free of smugness. We all know a few bloggers who seem to say: 'look at my awesome perfect life' and its really off-putting. It's no mean feat that you avoid that. Kudos!

  3. i love reading about other people's lives--i guess that's why i read blogs--i get to learn about their life and lifestyle. i normally follow through GFC--sometimes email. i'm a new reader here so i'm looking forward to seeing what you post.

  4. 1. Why do you read blogs and what do you hope to gain from blogs?
    Inspiration! I love blogs that inspire me to be better.
    2. What platform do you follow blogs through? (ie. email, bloglovin, twitter, etc...) You must follow my blog through the platform of your choice.
    3. What do you love and not love about Life Love Lauren? What would you like to see more and less of?
    I can't think of anything except that I'm not a fan of centered text!

  5. I have had a lot of similar thoughts. My blog following has shrunk a lot in the last 1.5 years...my theory is that our move overseas affected that. Most of my readership is and was USA-based, and our life isn't very relatable anymore, I guess?

    1. I faithfully read lifestyle blogs, usually erring for the quirky/funny/optimistic kinds of people.
    2. I follow blogs on bloglovin.
    3. I enjoy lighthearted posts--the typical 'funny side of real life' types of things, but I don't think that's really a big part of your writing style, which is totally fine! We all have our different specialties!

    (and I know I'm not part of the giveaway since I'm overseas, but I wanted to answer your questions to help with your survey purposes). :)

  6. I read your blog, I just don't comment often. I've gotten away from blogging, but am trying to get back. I just switched from blogger to wordpress. Here's my wordpress: linneasramblings.wordpress.com.

    1) I mostly read blogs for entertainment. I just like to follow ones who I find interesting and inspiring in ways.
    2) I follow blogs through blogger and wordpress.
    3) As someone who loves to travel, I like to read your vacation posts! There isn't anything I don't like or I wouldn't follow. :)-

  7. 1. I read blogs to keep up with friends and family. When I read mainstream blogs it's to get ideas for parties or things to do and places to see.
    2. Instagram. If the picture and caption are something I want to read more about, I'll go to their blog.
    3. I love that you write about life! Keep it that way and share what you love. That's what makes an amazing blog. <3

  8. I feel the same way about visitors to my blog. I figure if they like what they read, they'll visit and I hope they do!

  9. I read blogs because I truly enjoy the relationships I have gained from fellow bloggers, also - read me and I'll read you (or not, I'll still read you!). I follow most everything through BlogLoving, although a few I just type into the address bar when needed (yours included).
    I love you cause you are you - and you are your own little niche (as am I!). I don't feel the need to be a fashion blogger, or a "do all the housey things" blogger. I'm just me, and I like that about you!

  10. I know this is an old post but I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I fell off the blogging bandwagon and in turn stopped reading blogs I once followed daily. I know exactly what you mean about wondering why you aren't getting the views and comments when the content is good and is content a lot like other blogs out there in blogger sphere that are getting a million hits a day. I really need to be better at blogging - both writing and reading!

  11. Boo, just noticed that Tiffany stopped blogging - and here I was thinking she blocked me from reading her blog, ha!


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