August 31, 2015

Are All Blogs Alike?

Do not read blog posts when you are in a bad mood. I think everyone and everything they write about is stupid. But it's not them, it's me (for once, don't get used to it.)

Here are some things that run through my mind when I am reading other people's blog posts while in a bad mood:

Why would I make my own teriyaki sauce? Doesn't she know you can buy it in a bottle at the store? DUH!

Oh look, pictures of the fro-yo (ugh and really, we can't just call it frozen yogurt?!) they got this weekend. All those toppings aren't that cool. Actually, they are. Ugh, i'm jealous of her fro-yo. How come she never gets fat off of it and I do just by reading this blog post?

I also don't care where she got that purse. Or that shirt. Wait, I want that purse and that shirt. Why do I have to sign up for another website to see where it is from? Grr...oh great, they are really expensive. I need more money. What does she do to afford all of this. Do you get all of this because of your blog...lucky you.

I can't do that hairstyle. I don't want to do that hairstyle (yes, I do), it's stupid. I could not do it if I wanted to because I am too stupid to follow the directions and also my hair is stupid.

Great, you crossed a lot of things off your to-do list (with the same planner everyone else has). I downed a lot of chocolate watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls. Advantage me. (NOT)

That is a really cool DIY project. Mine may come out a fourth as good as that. Maybe I can go buy it at Home Goods and tell people I did it.

Another baby, another dog, another like....

Sorry, I promise I don't hate you every day. just today. It is a Monday and I have a big hard test today. Which is why I am going to skip reading blogs for the rest of the day. It is better for everyone.


  1. Oh lady I totally agree - and I'm not a fan of people who only write blogs on their clothes. Because honestly some of the outfits I see, if I wore that here, I'd be stared at because of the way it looks, not because it was a name brand or on a blog, ha!

    Good luck with the test!

  2. THIS MADE MY DAY! Only thing missing- when you can't figure out how to make your photos/graphics/anything look half as good as anyone elses!

  3. hahaha--yeah, probably blogs are best consumed in the right frame of mind. I've always been a little quirky, though, I so I kind of expect to feel that other people are strange when I read their blogs, because most of what I do would probably appears strange to most others. In a way, that's the cool thing about blogs--we can all read about each other's odd lives, be amused, and yet...I always leave convinced that I'd much rather be me than anyone else. haha!

  4. This post couldn't be more spot on. I say these things to myself allllllllllll the time when I'm reading blogs (obviously not yours thought ;)

  5. I love the Gilmores and chocolate reference because that is still totally me. :)


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