August 11, 2015

Is Nursing Right For You?

When I tell people I am a nurse, often times I hear "I could never do your job." I think some people assume my job is saving lives day in and day out. But generally there is a lot of dealing with people at their worst and trying to keep up with charting and tasks. Sometimes it is feast or famine. It is not a job where you can go and create work to do.

On the flip side, our job is more that just showing up and doing. We have to keep up with skills and new knowledge as there is constant revision. Medicine changes all the time and research is something I must do to be the best for my patients.  It is not the kind of job where you can learn it all from a textbook. You need to experience it to understand it. I have days where people have chest pain and it is nothing serious or try to come to the hospital to have a place to stay which are easier days for me. Then there are days where you get a patient who challenges you with medical complications and issues where every skill you have will be tested. These are the days that keep me coming back.

My average day in being at work is getting report and then doing additional research on all of my patients. Then I stock up and get what I need. There are days where I have time for lunch and days where I don't. There are days where I pee in privacy and days where people are paging me while using the restroom. 

You never will forget the hard cases. The ones where you save someones life, where you impact someones life...those days give you a feeling like no other. There are no words to describe those days. 

So when people say to me "I could never do your job" I tell them back "I could never do anything else."

What is your typical workday like?


  1. A part of me thinks nursing would be rewarding but I never pursued it!

  2. I can definitely see how being a nurse would be a rewarding job and a job that demands a lot. I would not be able to be a nurse only because the sight of blood makes me queasy and I have a very, very weak stomach ha ha! I cleaned ER patient rooms for a little while and I could not believe how busy some days were for the nurses!


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