August 5, 2015

Splurge, Splurge, Splurge!!!

I am all about saving money, I save for retirement and pay my debts off responsibly. I also if you ask anyone am super frugal. Thankfully my husband thinks similar to me money wise. While we like to save, we do enjoy spending money!

Splurging and spending money on things was a hard thing for me to learn. I credit my mother. She showed me that somethings are better/worth it to spend more money on. It actually gave me some (and sadly still does) anxiety about spending money; I would/sometimes do second guess my purchases.

Below are ten things we don’t mind splurging on/give me very little anxiety.

1. Travel
Travel is something that I will never mind splurging on. We do go on many affordable trips by using credit card rewards to our advantage, but travel is something that we enjoy and we do spend money on it as well.

2. Health
I ensure that I have great health insurance and I will spend what it takes to keep me and my family healthy. Well...mainly me. Damn ACL! Your health is your wealth.

3. Internet
Having internet is a need. And it has to be FAST. I don't ever see me wanting to ever give that up.

4. My home
I will always spend money where the heart is, and that is my home. I need nice sheets and towels, I need for my family and guests to feel comfortable and at home in my home.

5. Cars
I don't like to admit it, but I do. I need a car to get to and from work. It is a requirement and anything I need to keep them going, I do. I guess I more accurately splurge on repairs...and of not just cars. AC, water, etc...

6. Family
I will drop any dime to go visit my family, to take care of my family, to give my family gifts during the holidays, etc...

7. Bras
Trust me, as a big breasted woman, it is extremely important. You can tell when there is less support on any girl when they are wearing a cheaply made bra. I will always invest in support.

8. Foundation
A good foundation for my face is essential. I want to look healthy and natural. Your face is something people notice first thing.

9. Haircut and Color
Now I don't color my hair, but when I do I will invest in doing it at a nice salon. I currently do that with my hair because you can easily have your hair messed up.

10. Nice pieces of jewelry
Because I like them and they make me feel special. And it is something my husband knows to pick out for me when I want it.

What do you splurge on? 

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  1. Sometimes I have a problem splurging, or spending even gift cards, because my mindset is to spend the money on other stuff. But mostly in this coming year we're going to do it on vacations because that resests your body, mind and soul!


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