August 3, 2015

Stay at Home Challenges

Some of my friends are starting to have kids. I am so happy for them. One day I will want to have kids. But it scares me sh!tless! Having children is the hardest job in the world!

I work. I work really hard. When I come home from work, I can pull out my laptop and just blog or mindlessly jump on Pinterest. I could spend a few hours watching TV, I could meet my friends for a drink, I can go out to dinner, I can spend quality time with my husband...point is, I can do what I want. 

A mom, cannot do this. All the time you have given yourself This is not a luxury that is available for a parent, regardless of whether they work or not. In between feedings, changes, comforting, entertaining and household chores (all this being done whilst suffering from severe sleep deprivation) most parents are lucky if they get five minutes to themselves. Indeed, when I have visited friends with young children I am exhausted after just a few hours and thank my lucky stars that I am able to return to my nice, quiet home.

When I think of great parents, I think of mine. My mom was a stay at home mom and really gave us a great life at home. I lived in a clean house, wore clean clothes and ate three healthy meals every day. Her evenings were spent taking me to the various activities that I was involved in. She attended every parents evening. There have been times when I was young (and not so young) where I have let her down, dismissed her and been rude to her, but even now is prepared to drop whatever she is doing to help my sisters and I with anything we need. 

My dad was there coming to my activities after work. When I was ill, he met my mom and I at the doctors office and worried about us until we got better. He praised me, encouraged me, and disciplined me. 

Bottom line, never look down on parenting or a stay at home parent. 
It seems to be the hardest job in the world.


  1. Having a kid freaks me out too, in more ways than I can count. One day it'll happen but until then, like you posted above, I'll enjoy my "freedom" so to speak because that turns the opposite direction.

  2. I've been a step mom for a year and a full time mom for 2 months. Enjoy your free time and sleep while you can! Gone are the days of running a quick errand or getting at good night's sleep.

  3. It's funny that you chose that quote. The original context is about couples not waiting to have children and to start a family. I'll admit it is a hard job but it's absolutely the most rewarding job you'll ever have! There will be a time when it's right and I know you'll make the best decision for you.


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