August 28, 2015

The Unorganized Organizer

I feel like I am a pretty organized person. 
Until I look at all the areas I like to organize and realize that I am not really there...

I like and they are organized:

My pantry, fridge, and wine fridge are all very well organized. I can tell you if I have something or not and I always know where it is!

My hall closet and bathroom are very well organized. I know where everything is and what brands I have. I am not a huge collector of all things beauty.

My pictures on my computer are sorted by date and by topic so you can find anything you want.

My schedule in general. I am not late, I do not forget appointments and do pretty well on birthdays and happy hours. I schedule myself for work in a very well thought out way.

Meal planning. I am finally getting into a good rhythm with the meal planning. I have a monthly calendar and it has what we will be having. On nights I work, my husband cooks so I mark those ones and give him some pretty straight forward dishes to make. It helps that he doesn't avoid the kitchen like the plague. Only sad thing for me is that all his best and most amazing dishes are carb loaded: pizza, bread, mac and cheese, and chicken roll ups. Oh and he can also man the grill. I am lucky!

Memorabilia. You know, those things I can't throw away from school or sports and such. I have that organized really well!

My files. I know where all the information for cars, home, health, etc...all is. It is all easy to locate!

My closet. This is kind of a halfway organized thing, but I will put it on the list of things that are organized for me, because it is. It is my husband's stuff that I can't keep organized. I'm sorry, I should is his version of organized. ;-)

Gift ware and cards. Need a thank you note? Need a birthday card? Need red tissue paper? A blue gift bag? It is all organized by occasion and color!

And yet, even with all that, there are some things i just cannot get organized to save my life:

My craft supplies. Not that I really craft anyway, but it is a bit of a mess.

Exercising. Okay, so I know I don't need to organize this but rather just do it, but I do better if I have a plan to do something.  I hear it will come easier, but it is something I generally have no desire to do. That makes it harder to plan for sure! I did just join a gym so, so far so good on keeping on track!

My blog schedule is off and on in being in a good organizational swing.
Which by the way I should note is this: I realized that I was reading and researching more than I was actually doing. I'm not saying I stopped reading, but I am now implementing more ideas and breaking up my time management better.

I need to do a better job with my email inbox. I am slowly and surely getting there. My main thing is I feel I am slow at responding. :-/

Those last two are big ones. Any tips for me?! 
What do you struggle to get or keep organized?

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  1. Whoa. You have way more things organized than I do! But as a mom, I've learned to often just go with it! One day, I'll have time to be organized again.


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