September 22, 2015

Arizona Home

An interesting part about being an adult is moving somewhere and starting a life. When I started this blog, that was just what me and my husband were doing in Arizona. We have had fun making it home. Sure, sometimes there are times we look out and just see nothing but cactus and the majesty weans off, but then we always find something to renew the spark. I mean, we bought a house here, we are basically saying that we love it so much here, that we are here for the long run.

Says the girl who was CONVINCED she was going to move somewhere with LOTS of trees. And yummy tasting soft water. But look, you can go up to the mountains and find some trees...

The summer is the worst time to be in Arizona though. You run into upwards of 115 degree days. We are basically opposite of everyone in the country and come out after summer and enjoy some beautiful weather. Our AC bill is a bit uncomfortable in the summer and we have a uncanny eye for parking spots in shade, but basically, dare I say...we are getting used to it!

I guess bottom line is I feel good home. And I couldn't be happier...unless the summers were cooler.

Who else is excited for winter?
When did you know where you moved was the right place?


  1. I actually dream of moving to Arizona! I don't know why, but I just really want to! My husband says absolutely not though LOL. He couldn't handle the heat. I think it's gorgeous! But I will say I'm getting excited for our Utah Fall here :)

  2. I'm very excited for fall - cooler weather here in STL has my name on it :)

  3. Truthfully Lauren, I'm always a little wary of assuming that if I could only live somewhere in particular, then I'd be happy. I thought that country life, and then small town life, would be what I wanted, but I'm not at all sure that I've found what I thought I would here. I don't like to go all motivational-calendar on you, but for my money, I think the first place one should try and feel at home is in one's own skin.


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