September 18, 2015

Charity Case

Charity. Sometimes it can be hard.  Sometimes charity can feel like you give up money and that it is it.  But there is more. You can tell a friend about the charity or post about it on social media. These are some of the many other ways you can help. The other had thing about charities is that they are not all 100% honest to contribute to a better, brighter future. The truth is that even with charities you have to do a little research. Here are 5\3 organizations whose stories I wanted to share are great – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many others that would benefit from our support right now too.

And since September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (And Blood Cancer Awareness Month) and since my sister had to hear the words "you have cancer" and since only 4% of all federal research funding is designated for pediatric cancer, I am all in to helping with what I can!

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society
They have many different fundraisers such as Light the Night and Team in Training. They donate to many cancer research projects.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities
Cities all over often have these houses. McDonald's is their largest corporate sponsor. When my sister was receiving treatment and needed housing, the Ronald McDonald House was there. It was a lifesave. You can donate in many ways depending on house needs. Some give you opportunities to cook for families, you can collect pop tabs, you can donate toiletries, volunteer, basically....the options are endless!

Hyundai Hope On Wheels
Primary funding comes from the purchase of a Hyundai vehicle. You can also just donate or they have merchandise and a 5k. They are committed to the fight against pediatric cancer

To see how the charities you come across measure up, you can always search them on Charity Navigator, a website that breaks down where contributions go and how organizations break down their finances.

What are some of your favorite charities?
Share below!

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  1. My hands-down favourite is the Royal District Nursing Service ( They're a charity here that hires nurses to see people (usually the gravely ill or the elderly) in their homes, or to see the homeless wherever they may be, and to provide nursing and basic healthcare to them, and also to provide other services like helping to bathe them, manage medication and so on. When my grandmother was injured and living with us when I was at school, we could never have managed without their constant help and support. I simply can't speak highly enough of them, and even when I've been out of work I've scraped up the money to send them something each month.


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