September 25, 2015

Girl Code

Girl time is always good time. I love all my girlfriends. You guys are everything! Friends are there when you are not ready to handle something alone. Friends are pretty great to have.

Friends are ones we can swap secrets with and they can give an honest evaluation of somethings we may be too afraid to tell ourselves.

Though we might not always be physically with them, are are together. We carry them everywhere, through everything.

A good lesson for young girls is to learn to protect that relationship. Build each other and learn. This season now that Bethenny Frankel was back, I started watching RHONY. I loved how they referred to Girl Code. It is real, but unspoken. By the way, I think girl code was totally broken when the one night stands were allowed to sleep in the house. No wonder Heather and Carole were so pissed. In addition to their safety, their jewelry is probably worth a fortune! Haha! Here is some of the girl code we promise to each other:

1. I promise that I will disagree with you, not sugar coat the tough stuff, and as long as you listen, I will respect your decisions.

2. I promise to hold your hair back and get you home safe.

3. I promise to laugh at you when you fall. I promise to laugh so hard I actually start to pee a little.

4. I promise to tell you when you are making a mistake and do what I can to help you out of it.

5. I promise to remind you that things could be worse. I will give you positive when you feel negative.

6. I promise never to show up empty-handed and to bring enough wine and cheese for the both of us.

7. I promise to protect you from others and sometimes even from yourself.

8. I promise to tell you when your outfit is not working. Like seriously, take off that sequined does not work.

9. I promise to stand up for you, stand up to you and stand with you.

10. I promise never to standby while a man who you love disrespects you.

11. I promise, for the most part, the stupid stuff you want to do, if I don't talk you out of it, I may do it with you and we can regret it later. 

12. I promise never to assume you want to share that chocolate. I will bring more.

13. I promise that despite any physical space or lack of talking, I will be here like nothing ever happened.

14. I promise to protect your secrets like they were my own.

15. I promise to build you up and not spread gossip or partake in any about you.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. I promise to be there for you too, girl!!! Wine and cheese always! <3


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