September 23, 2015

Wednesday Words

I seriously have been working so much I am exhausted. I am surprised that I even have thoughts this morning...but here they are.

Miss Colorado totally re-tweeted me! If you didn't hear, Miss Colorado came out and talked about a patient for the talent portion. Then Joy Behar (being herself) said something stupid (why is she wearing a doctor's stethoscope was my fave line). You can read more about everyone's thoughts anywhere, and I don't need to duplicate those thoughts. So.... Bottom line, Joy Behar is an idiot, I cannot believe people still watch the is not a relevant or entertaining show anymore, and there are other talents besides singing, dancing, and twirling a baton. Plus...

My uniform for work:

I totally spent a phone call with my mom last week after the debate summarizing my views to her. I wish I recorded myself...I thought I was pretty spot on!

Fantasy Football thoughts: Also very happy that Denver won!! And happy that Cleveland won! Now if I could just get my fantasy game going...

I am participating for the second time in Jenn's awesome The Fall Movie Challenge. Downside is that it happens in the fall when football is on, so I am a little behind in watching movies. I plan to all day today with my day off. Anyone who comes on over, bring chocolate!

I have really been getting into Twitter more...who knew!

I hope everyone has read my favorite Craig's List listing which is some really good advice when you go into the hospital. I have had a recent increase in people with 10/10 pain....

I think that is enough from me today.
Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Do you have to buy your own scrubs or are they provided for you?

  2. and this is yet another reason why i call it a challenge... because yes.. FOOTBALL. (which is why i've only watched two of my twenty-five.)


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