October 12, 2015

A Denver Adventure

Kevin and I took a spur of the moment trip to Denver, Colorado. Thankfully spur of the moment trips are easy when we have family and friends in the area!

We spent time with Kevin's family and did Rocky Mountain National Park. It is so beautiful there!

Then we went down to Denver and got to briefly see Andrea.
Always love to see her!

Then we went for the big reason for our trip. Our first Denver Bronco game!

Boy was it a little stressful getting the tickets though. We decided to wait till the last minute to buy tickets thinking the price would go down. Then we saw the prices go up and got nervous so we bought our tickets the night before. The morning of the game we wake up and our tickets were refunded to us. Thankfully after a momentary...moment we found some alternative tickets and enjoyed a WIN!

This is where we sat btw:

This is where we would have sat:

It was a pink game!

And I love this guy to pieces!

Role Call: Shout out and rep your teams below!

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  1. Oh I just love rmnp, our family has a lifetime pass there and my sister is looking to get married there one day!

    Yay on the broncos tickets. Hopefully they played good, the rams (and all stl teams) had a horrible weekend!


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