October 26, 2015

Common Questions Asked To Nurses

I think a lot of people get asked what do you do or while at work (if you work with customers/clients) get asked a standard set of questions based off of the answer. I am here to share with you  some of the common questions I field as a nurse. I am sure some other nurses will agree!

Hey, I have this rash…is this serious? This question is part of an age old misconception. People think because we work in healthcare, we can make assessments based on incomplete information. Nurses aren’t the only victims. Mechanics get asked all the time to diagnose car problems…based on a few sounds. I wish we could just say well bring it on over and I will take a look at it…for a fee. But we can't. That is what the ER is for.

My light has been on for hours! Where have you BEEN?!  What I wish I could say: you are low on my priority list because two other people had more urgent emergencies and you were needing something that my patient care technician could have gotten you, but instead you insisted on me, the nurse. The answer I will give you: I am so sorry, I got here as fast as I could.

Why are there such long wait times around here? Well in a hospital is a patchwork of different departments, different units, different management systems, doctors, nurses, technicians, labs, and a pharmacy, all coming together to care for you: the patient. I know you are worried about you, but I am too, problem is, it is not only you. We will let you eat as soon as the results of your procedure come back.

Have you done this before? Yes, I am glad you think I look young. You should always have help if there is something you have never done. We do have to learn, but we will ensure we do it as safely as possible.

Can I get my next pain medication now? It depends on one thing. The clock. Not the number of times you ask for it.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever seen/craziest thing that has ever happened to you? Too many to keep track of. But if I have some time, and I feel like it, I would like to share a nice little nursing story now and then (withholding identifying information, of course). People love hearing them!

Honestly I think these are the most common questions I get asked. 
What do you get asked?


  1. I get asked a lot if I have facebook or instagram because parents are nosy and want to know what the teacher does on their off time and use it against them. I remember one year, the lady that asked me, I said yes and I do not add parents/students until their kid graduates. Well I went home and looked her up and her status said, and I quote, "the new teacher won't add me on facebook, time to say stuff about her." I so badly wished I could have commented, ha!

  2. We have a lot of friends who are flight attendants and Angel loves asking them about what crazy things they've had people do on the airplanes. I think that question suits a whole lot of jobs because I could certainly tell some out-there salon or classroom stories too! :)
    The first time Angel started an IV on his own, the guy asked if it was his first time--he was nervous and it probably showed. Now he's always admiring people's veins and wishing he could start IVs for the fun of it.
    The first time my grandma met Angel, she rolled up her sleeve and showed him her black-and-blue arm from blood draws--nice meeting with your future grandmother-in-law! :)

  3. I'm always getting asked, "so what do you actually do?" or "So how are classes?" Ah the life of a grad student. Also, I cannot tell you everything about every chemistry of biochemistry topic. I'll be happy to weigh in if I can, but most of the time, I can't!

  4. Oh man, all those questions makes me think of the last time I had to go to ER when I thought I was miscarrying. Poor nurses and you! All nurses go through so much when you're only trying to help!


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