October 2, 2015

From my Parents

Tomorrow is my parents 35th wedding anniversary. So in honor, I thought I would share ten life lessons that I have learned from my parents:

Be a good friend. And you will get good friends.
Be open to criticism. You never stop growing, changing, and learning. Challenge yourself.
Help others. It is about giving.
Celebrate holidays with family. Be together, life is finite.
Work hard.

Eat dinner together. Despite busy schedules, I remember us making time to eat dinner together.
Live within your income. My parents always lived within their means, no matter the income. 
Get up early. My dad was always up early and sets a great example.
Value children. Have them and be a good, involved parent.
Get a good education. 

Thanks mom and dad! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. We learn so much from our parents then when we create our new families, its interesting to see how each family was raised. One of my favorite things is eating dinner together, its important to me whereas Keith grew up, it didn't matter and it was usually at McD's. So I do my best to instill that with us two on a daily basis. Best wishes to your parents!

  2. :) I learned so much from my parents too. It's so great that our parents raised us so well! :P


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