October 1, 2015

How to Work Well With Co-workers

So as you know, because all I do is talk about me on this blog, I changed jobs a little while back. When you start a job, one of the first concerns is how to connect with your co-workers. Thankfully, I have connected well with my co-workers (they made it super easy!) and while every job is different, there are three rules for interacting with co-workers that are pretty universal.

Don't Talk Behind The Back

This is probably a good one in and out of the work environment. There are going to be times where people have conflicts with one another and will talk about it openly. Do not say anything to anyone about others. If you have a problem with someone do not address it with other people behind that person's back. If you address an issue with someone, keep your emotions in check as most conflicts come from an emotionally charged exchange. Address it with them first and then if you need to use your chain of command.

Giving Criticism

I have had to deal with this as a manager and also in hierarchy. It is stressful to comment on someone's performance or offer constructive criticism. No one wants to tell another someone they did something wrong. The best way to handle the issue is to be honest though. Placing blame never helps, but telling someone how they could be more efficient or proactive is more than okay.

Ask for Help

In the workplace, like at home, it takes a village. Work together with your co-workers and especially when you are new, ask for help. Be confident but never a no it all. Asking and giving help will be more effective and efficient overall. 

How do you have tips on how to engage with your coworkers? 
How do you handle any of the above?

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  1. Oh lordy, co-workers! I needed some of these tips :P but like 10 months ago...


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