October 6, 2015

Staying Motivated at The Gym When You Aren't Feeling It

Working out is hard.

Working out when it's triple digits and you work 12+ hour shifts is harder.

Yesterday I just wasn't feeling the gym. At all. I am in the beginning stages of living a healthier lifestyle and being motivated to do so (Therefore not a ton of results yet) and all I wanted to do was eat a bag of Reeses cups and grab a glass of wine or three...

And the act of simply going does you know good. I can go to the gym and get a few reps or whatever, but it won't neccisarly do me any good. I wrote a little here about how it all just takes time.

On days when I am feeling like this, I just have to remember:

1. Call Kevin, he will tell me to go and get it.

2. Turn up the music.

3. Have a plan. Pack your workout clothes, write it on your calendar, pay for the membership yourself.

4. Stop making excuses. The gym is air conditioned so triple digits don't matter. You work 13 hour shifts, that's not changing...you being overweight then will not change. Just go.

5. Look at something that inspires you and know that going to the gym regularly is a relatively small amount of time to dedicate to your lifestyle.           

What do you do to stay motivated?

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  1. I agree I try to plan ahead so I can't talk myself out of it! Also since my gym is pricy I always think about getting my money's worth.


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