October 9, 2015

The Workspace Tour

I love offices.
Seriously. I dedicate a whole room to being an office.

Three reasons why:

I can spread out whenever I need to and not have to pick up after myself just to reuse, for instance, my dining room table.

It helps me get more work done. I am more serious in there. Whether I need to go into serious bill paying/work mode or creative mode, it can happen there. It is a room of focus. Much more focus than me sitting in front of the TV trying to make any of that happen.

I have everything I could possibly need. I have highlighters, pens, scissors, and heck my office is even between the bathroom and kitchen. Time is money. Let's be efficient.

When we initially moved into the house, I painted the walls and that was about it (3 years ago! Wow!). I have finally got the entire room sorted and feel very accomplished. Now the trick will be to keep it clutter-free (I’m currently staring at the papers and notepads stacked beside me). And even harder, to convince my husband to keep it clutter free. To be fair, I don't have a lot of closed storage in this room, and so far that is helping me keep everything looking clean, nice, and organized, and making me very quickly get rid of things that I don't need.

I have an old laptop because right now I see that being more functional than a desktop and have added dual screens. I could have done with a bigger desk (in white), but that will come in time.

You think the dual screen action is insane, just wait till you see Kevin's space...

I re-purposed a lot of old, cheap pieces of furniture for my office. Sometimes you just have to do that and not rush into pouring money into an area. 

I wrote about not pouring too much money and living in an area before buying up stuff {here}.

The trick now is to keep it cool. I really don't love the idea of placing a big, bulky stand alone A/C unit in there, but the room gets HOT. It has a window where the sun comes in (which would be beautiful really, if I did not live in the DESERT) and it is full of running electronics. We do have a ceiling fan that I still want to re-do, but the heat does get to me in the summer.

What do you love about your office?

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