November 30, 2015

Guide to Napa and Sonoma Wineries

I took a second trip to Napa with some friends to get away for a weekend. The valley is so beautiful that I absolutely did not mind visiting again!

I truly believe that you can do these valleys on a budget. We used Airbnb both times and stayed outside of Napa/Sonoma valleys.

Before you go I would plan ahead kind of a path you would like to go and see if any deals are out there you want to pre-purchase.. Last trip we did, this trip we didn't. No matter. This trip I was more into getting my deals on Yelp and some on an app called WineryFinder. Just a word of warning, the winery finder app had some not honored deals and was not the most user friendly app. Thank gosh for Yelp! 

Oh and please, always have a safe driving experience when drinking and always remember that Saturdays are always super busy.

You can look back on a recap of my previous trip here. There I said one day I would write down some of my favorite wineries so I thought I would take the time to do it here. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite wineries if you want to go take a visit:

Much better reds then whites. They are right across from their sister winery Cline.

I prefered Cline to Jacuzzi. Their zins are great! We went to a reserve tasting in their villa this trip. It was the first weekend it was opened and it was beautiful experience. Probably my favorite winery.

Two Amigos Wines
Eh. Downtown Sonoma tasting room. Wouldn't go again...

Bartholomew Park Winery
Seriously we had some rude service. Wine was not all that good either. There are some pretty good looking hiking trails off of the estate though which is pretty cool.

Schug Carneros Estate Winery
This was a great little place with a beautiful estate! 

Andretti Winery
Pretty standard.

Honig Vineyard and Winery
By appointment only, it is a great place to go slowly and sit with small pours.

Cosentino Winery
Love love love! Visited last year too! Great new outdoor patio since my visit last year.

Sequoia Grove Winery
This was a surprise one for me that I really liked! Good service and decent wine!

Hagafen Cellars
This is a kosher winery! We actually bought a bottle of tempranillo here because the price was right. Friendly staff too.

The last trip we also went to Ledson, Alexander Valley Vineyards, Castello Di Amorosa, and Girard. All were worth a revisit, but I wanted to explore some new ones too. 

Oh and I created a little list (cause I love lists) of 10 things you need to know to do Napa right:

(in case you were wondering)

Don't bother me, I'm in Napa Valley ... except ...:

1. Bring good friends.

2. Start with a good breakfast/brunch before you go out.

3. Drink all the wine.

4. Pretend to master the swirl, sniff, sip. 

6. Don't worry about social media, you are tipsy and no one wants to see all the fun you are having without them.

7. Accept that your tongue may turn red.

8. Take lots of pictures. Some won't look are tipsy.

9. Look for specials like I said above.

10. Everything closes at 5. So should would just be too much wine.

Stay tuned for my trip to Muir Woods! I needed more time there!
What are some of your favorite ways to do travel on a budget?


  1. I so want to do Napa one day - people have told me to stay in San Fran and travel up to Napa as there's not really a nightlife up there.

    When traveling on a budget, we use our Southwest card to book air with points, which saves a heck of a lot of money when you think about it. Then we use my hotel discount while we have it and don't always eat 3 meals, etc. It works out great in the end!

  2. Loving the blog! Great summary of a Napa adventure and we are so glad you enjoyed your experience with us at Hagafen Cellars! Hopefully we'll see you on your next trip through the Valley. Until then, have fun in Muir Woods, it's beautiful there!


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