December 11, 2015

De-stress Your Season

It is the time of year where we all have everything to do! I love Christmas and Thanksgiving, but they are close together and it can be hard to do everything you want.. I vote to move up Thanksgiving one month earlier. Anyone else with me?

Well since that is not happening, this year, I came up with five things to do on/before Thanksgiving to get ready for Christmas. This will make it so that I will be able to focus on the fun that is the Christmas holiday season!

Fix Your Address Book
Organize your address book, make sure it is updated and accurate. Send a text/email to ask for new addresses you need updated. It will make doing your Christmas cards easier too. Put a star next to the list of people you will be sending cards to. Go buy stamps too. You can never have too many around this time of year!

Pick Your Christmas Cards
This year was hard. I tried to do mine before Thanksgiving and they turned out terrible. They appeared they were printed on cheap paper and by a cheap printer with cheap ink. But I guess they say everything happens for a reason. I used some Cyber Monday seasons to order some new Christmas cards. I think next year I may start looking even earlier too. Obviously this means taking a picture before this time of year too...

Make Your Gift List
Be thorough in thinking of what you need for everyone. This will include: 
Teachers/Babysitters (if you have kids)
Gift Exchanges
Hostess Gifts for Parties

Then fill in possible gift ideas! Then when you go shopping, you have this list. Furthermore, when there is a spur of the moment sale, you aren't caught off guard and have a generalized plan to help you! No impulse buys around the holidays!

Let Technology Help You
This year my husband made a purchase that I thought was crazy...turns out, it was quite genius. He got us this remote that can help us turn on and off our Christmas Tree lights and a couple of other nice lights. This will be a perfect addition to the holiday season when you are wanting to de-stress on the couch watching a Christmas Vacation. It really de-stresses you any time, but when there are more lights, to turn on and off, this does help! Who knows, there is probably more technologically savvy things out there to help us! Seek them! 

Put up Your Christmas Tree
So this year I got mine all up and done so that after Thanksgiving I could focus on the outdoor lights (with the help of my husband who doesn't think ladders and me mix, haha). But then again, I traveled for Thanksgiving. Would I do that if I was hosting Thanksgiving too? Maybe. We will have to see...

What do you do to help organize/de-stress your holiday season?

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  1. Great advice! The holidays can get so stressful so fast, but making lists helps me a ton!


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