December 23, 2015

Holiday Work Wishes

I know I have written about this a lot, but working holidays is something I do not want anyone to take for granted. While most people will be spending the next few days enjoying their families, indulging in holiday foods, and enjoying their days off of work, many healthcare professionals will be hard at work at a place that never closes: the hospital. Some nurses are fortunate enough to have positions that don’t have holiday shift requirements and some nurses actually quite enjoy the festivity of hospital holidays and spending time with the patients who can’t go home for the sake of their healing and recovery.

Some nurses don’t celebrate the same holidays because of cultural or religious reasons and they happily volunteer to take those shifts for those of us who want to participate and we all appreciate their selflessness.

I often take holidays because one day when I have kids, I will want to spend Christmas morning with them and I hope that one day someone will take that shift for me as I have done for others.

I have spent my fair share of holidays at work sharing holiday cheer with my patients and families. Some holidays are quiet and uneventful while others are full of accidents, family disputes, and a fair few disasters. You just never know!

So happy holiday season to all of us who may be spending our holidays at work. I pray we all make it home safely to our families. I am thankful for my health and ultimately happy that I could make the holidays just a little bit brighter for the patients who don't have the option of going home.

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Hopefully you will get the that gift of being off when you want it. Enjoy your shifts!

  2. Thanks so much for what you do Lauren. I think I've told you before about the three waves of patients who my doctor said come to hospitals on Christmas day (busted ankles and wrists at 11am, food poisoning at 2pm and assaults and stabbings at 5pm)? My little sister, who is also a nurse, told me yesterday that there's a wave before those too - the 7am "granny drop", when people leave grandma at the hospital with vague, non-specific complaints that will need investigation all day, so that they don't have to deal with her that day!

    I just put up a blogpost about the emergency callouts I've had this Christmas and Boxing Day (here - Oddly, I haven't objected to going at all. Maybe it's a little different for nurses, but for me, my emergency unit it like a second family, so callouts are like going to do things with my best friends. If anything, it's actually made my festive season better than ever!


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