December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas

Yesterday we had our own little Christmas in Tucson. We woke up, put Christmas music on and plowed into unwrapping some gifts. It was everything a Christmas before Christmas should be– festive, relaxing, and happy. Kevin made out with some new sweaters, a sound bar, and some games. I came away with a nail polishes and scarves. Seriously perfect!

Today I work and then after Christmas my family is coming to visit to do an after Christmas celebration.

Despite the fact that I work Christmas and won't spend that time with my family, I am so lucky to have a family that makes time around my work schedule special. I will work to make those days equally special to them. But today, I will take care of other people and their family members today.

My wish to you today is to have a Merry Christmas with all the cookies you can eat and love to you and yours!

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