December 2, 2015

Muir Woods

When we took our trip to Napa/Sonoma, on the way out we stopped by Muir Woods. Boy! Do I wish I was able to spend more time there than I did! It is beautiful! We did the boardwalk but I would have loved to have time to do some hiking there.

You get to see all these amazing coastal redwoods which are just so tall! All for a $7.00 entrance fee which is totally worth it! It is one of those places that you cannot believe is so close to a big city. It is a serious escape. The beauty and peacefulness is just amazing.

Now for a photo dump. It is days like these that really make me want to really dig in and learn photography better. I could not even adequately capture the true beauty...

And yes, for your added viewing pleasure, if you scroll down far enough you will see a picture of my husband planking. #fitpic

Have you visited Muir Woods?
What are some of your favorite escapes?

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