December 18, 2015

Preparing for a Big Meal

I like to host. I have hosted Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. All successfully. This year I am hosting Christmas TWICE. Yep, you heard.

And let's face it, these holiday meals are all big meals. I honestly don't do a 16 pound turkey for dinner any other time besides Thanksgiving. Same goes for the nice ham on Easter or roast for Christmas.

I don't like going into these meals stressed, especially when you have other people around you and counting on you. Therefore, I like to get a lot of my prep done early. No surprise here, I seem to be doing that a lot lately. BUT's working! :-)

Advanced prep lets you be a happier host. I am all about that! Here are five simple ways I prep my kitchen for a holiday meal:

Make sure you have all your cooking gear
I know turkeys have those pop out timers, but do yourself a favor and get yourself your own cooking thermometer. They are crucial! Also, since you are adding more people, make sure you have enough pie dishes and pans for all your amazing plans! (Hey, good rhyme Lauren!)

Plan your menu
With the above said, plan out your menu. This way you know what dish everything is going in and what bowls will be used for what so you don't run into a day of situation not having what you need.

Make room
That is right, clear out your dishwasher before you start, make room in the fridge for everything and organize it all!

Make a plan for the table
You want to make sure you not only have all your cooking gear needed, but also everything you need to set a beautiful table!

Make some food ahead
Do what you can and freeze or refrigerate it before the big day. When you plan your menu, you can plan what needs to be made day of and what can be made beforehand.

Those are the primary things I try and do before my holiday meal.
What things do you do to prepare?


  1. So many good tips! I love even the most obvious ones (that are usually the first to be missed!), like making sure you have enough serving dishes!


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