December 7, 2015

Take a Moment

Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to plan and can be a tad OCD sometimes with details in my life. People are probably going to laugh when I have kids because I have a feeling I will have to let a lot of things go (like making sure my dishes are always done) for the sake of a happy home life. I have to laugh because I am not sure why I continue to plan every detail of my life out, because frankly life never works out how I plan it, and I am learning to be more than okay with that.

When I entered college I was set on being an information systems engineer because I heard it paid well. High achiever much?! Fast forward and now I am an underpaid, under thanked nurse. I couldn't have ended up on more opposite ends of the spectrum. Better yet, I love every minute of it! Thank gosh sometimes plans don't always happen the way we plan them. When I was three I knew I was going to be a star ballerina. Let’s just say I am grateful that never happened. (Those who know me on my feet can attest that would probably be the worst!) Me feeling and being a very introverted, private person and now having a blog where I probably over share to whom ever is reading. Yeah, funny how things turn out sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love planning. I appreciate it when my husband or friends plan out activities we are going to do when we’re together. I appreciate knowing big event dates in advance to mark on my calendar. I appreciate going on a vacation where travel and accommodations has been checked into (thank you husband!) Planning in itself is not a horrible thing but when I get wrapped up in it and forget to enjoy my life then it is a major problem. I am going to be honest here and say that I do this a lot. I don't want to get so wrapped up in the planning of certain things that I forget to sit back, breathe and enjoy it. I have made a to do list of all I need to do this week. That list is what inspired this post, so believe me when I say this post is pretty selfish of me.

Honestly, some of my best memories have come from things that I never planned on happening, hangouts with friends that were spur of the moment, friendships I never expected, surprises that truly surprised me, and spontaneous decisions. I am truly grateful for those moments, it is in those that I have really experienced life. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busyness that hanging out with a friend just becomes one more appointment rather than something we want to do. I have definitely had those and it makes me sad. My relationships are what is most important in my life and when I get so caught up in my plans I am not only suffering but so are the people in my life. I want to enjoy my lunch dates with the people I care about or the shopping trips with my best friend and not have to worry that in thirty minutes I have to be someplace else. Life is too short for us not to enjoy every moment!

Just cause I tell myself this, doesn't mean this is easy for me. I have to learn that it is okay to get five things rather than twenty five done in a day. It means that I have to take care of myself so I am not run down. It means I have to learn that everything does not have to be done in a day.

Enjoy your time today and every day!


  1. I feel this way alot, especially lately. Friends expect me to plan stuff yet once I do they bail, give excuses etc and its like really? That's why I decided not to host the new years party we originally were going to vc it became such drama!

    It stinks sometimes being such a planner but then you have the ppl who thank you for doing it BC they never would!


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