December 21, 2015

Throwing a Star Wars Themed Party

Saturday my husband and his friends all came over and watched all the Star Wars movies. Where was I you ask? Work of course. But I joined them for the end of the last one and then we all went and saw the new movie.

My husband did a really good job with the help of his friends to throw an awesome Star Wars watch party! Below are some of the details and some drink recipes!

Since this was an all day affair, the group started the morning with a big group of cinnamon rolls with frosting that made the shape of the Death Star. My friend Hannah graciously helped out with the baking! Then for lunch some Bantha Bread, Galactic Chili, and Hoth Beers. Throughout the day they munched on some themed chocolates and cakes. Kevin started the Jedi and Sith Drinks (recipe below) and some Bantha Bread and Mustafar Meatballs (with spaghetti of course) for dinner. The chocolate molds served extra duty by letting Kevin making the ice for water themed as well!

Let me give you this recipe for the drinks. Using the same base was an easy way to make some pretty great looking force drinks.

The Sith and Jedi Drinks
Adapted from here


3 parts vodka
1 part triple sec
dash of lemon juice
1.5 part blue curacau (for the Jedi drink)
1.5 red pomegranate schnapps (for the Sith drink)

*part can also mean ounce


Pour vodka, triple sec, and lemon juice in a shaker over ice. Add your blue curacau or schnapps depending on what side you are on. Then strain into champagne glass till it reaches half way. Pour champagne into glass until it reaches the top.

May the force be with you!


I just have to say I am a proud mama to see my husband host his friends and all of them come together for such a fun party. I woke up early because apparently I am an adult. When did I become that person that no matter when I go to bed (which was late after the party) I wake up at the same time. Welcome to adulthood I guess. So now here I am bringing you this blog post, ignoring the mess in my kitchen.

I wish I had the force blogging. I just don't think it is with me, but dang I sure do try.
Here are ten ways the force is not with my when I blog:

1. I never really do my hair. It is always thrown in a ponytail.

2. My closet is super limited.

3. I don't and will not have a blog Facebook.

4. I am never on my personal Facebook.

5. I don't take staged photos.

6. I don't show at Target.

7. My nail polish chips way too often.

8. I don't know or want to know SEO or how to create my blog designs.

9. I don't get paid opportunities to blog.

10. I, sadly, take most pictures on my phone and have no props or backgrounds.

The best part of blogging? It allows you to be yourself...making all the above irrelevant.

May YOUR force be with you!


  1.!!!! All we did to prepare was eat R2D2 cookies while rewatching the originals before the premiere! :) Kevin can throw a theme party here whenever he likes! (Next up: LOTR!!!)

  2. Aww, that's a pretty cool movie-watching party for your husband to have with his buddies! We saw VII on Friday, and we didn't have a party, but in honor of the new movie, we did make a "Life Lessons from Star Wars" video for youtube, so you can tell that we too were pretty excited!


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