December 4, 2015

Weekend Update: Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Well, better late than never. The weekend of Thanksgiving was a great one for me! It was a time of celebration giving thanks and celebrating the birthdays of my littlest sister and husband.

Thursday // (Thanksgiving)
I had the day off, so we drove to my parents house and enjoyed a yummy meal!
Oh and of course, lots of football!
It was so good to see my family.

We drove to my in-laws house and celebrated with a Thanksgiving meal that day. It was also my husbands birthday. I seemed to only think of a very practical gift...but I have a surprise planned out for him soon!

We had breakfast with my husband's family and my husband did some computer work for his parents. Then we went on over to my parents house and celebrated my sister's birthday and sang to both her and my husband and enjoyed some cake!


Then unfortunately my weekend was over and we drove back to Tucson.

Then watched the BRONCOS win!
Seriously, it was a happy night in my house.
Plus I think for the first week this season, I won both my fantasy football games in the two leagues!

Can we have long weekends like this more often?

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  1. I'd be for long weekends every weekend! As much extra we all work, it adds up


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