January 4, 2016

2015 Year in Review

Well guys, there goes another year! For me this one was fast and slow, good and bittersweet, productive and not productive all at the same time!

Here goes my annual what happened post. You can see others too!:
2012 and 2012 again...(beginning blogger there!)

And now for a 2015 recap!

January- I started by making some goals for this year. I would say I completed 6 of them. Sadly winning a fantasy football league did not happen again this year. January started my year out not so great. I tore my ACL, MCL, and LCL in my left knee

February- I tried to remain positive with my limited abilities and discussed some things I don't like.

March- I went to Vail to hang with my husband when he wasn't skiing. Right after I went and had my ACL surgically repaired. Not a lot of blogging happened here in the beginning of the year. I really just wasn't able to do much so there wasn't a lot for me to write. I wrote about that here. Not the best time of my life...

April- I spent most of my time balancing work and blogging and doing physical therapy. Easter was a quiet celebration alone, but nice. I felt good about getting dressed again!

May- I took a trip to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. So much fun! This was my first real walking done on the new ACL. It held up pretty well! I also celebrated year three being married to my awesome husband! We did a big road trip through part of the south and it was so much fun. Recaps are here:
Greenville {here}
Blue Ridge Parkway {here
Virginia/Outer Banks {here}
Charleston {here}
Savannah {here}
Snapchat Round Up {here}

June- I started to try and lightly work out and gain back muscle and strength lost in my leg. This would eventually this year lead me to join a gym and incorporate some swimming into the mix. I also celebrated my blog's 3rd blogiversary and my birthday! I also started a new job!

July- Kevin and I celebrated 10 years of being together (starting at dating) and took a trip to San Diego where we got engaged. I also started blogging consistantly and shared what I did to get me out of my blogging lull and wrote a "you be you" style post.

August- I tried to get organized and shared some thoughts. I wrote about the stress of life and needing to find the time to focus on ourselves. This is something I think wives, mothers, and nurses all need to read ;-) I also ranted on how all blogs sometimes are all alike.

September- I found myself back in physical therapy to help my scoliosis and lordosis. I talked about me realizing that Arizona is my home and reminisced about a room of memories. I also gave you all my girl code and of course went GOLD for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

October- Biggest highlight was going to my first Denver Broncos game! I also shared some parental wisdom and of course shared some pumpkin recipes here and here and here.

November- I shared my travel planning tips. Oh and we took another fabulous trip to Napa/Sonoma and Muir Woods! We also celebrated our second annual Friendsgiving and spend Thanksgiving/Kevin and my sister's birthday with our families YAY for not having to work!  I shared some things I am thankful for.

December- Star Wars came out and we had a Star Wars Party, Kevin graduated with his masters degree, and I learned to de-stress the season. I shared some tips for hosting a big meal and Kevin and I hosted our families for Christmas. I worked the actual day, but I was lucky to be able to have off the days around Christmas to spend with my family.

As for the year to come, here are some of the things I would like to resolve for:

1. Lose 20 pounds.
2. Win my Fantasy Football League (this has been a resolution for many years now...)
3. Travel to a foreign country.
4. Take better photos.
5. Re-do my backyard.
6. Have a happy and healthy year with my family.

What are your favorite memories of 2015?
What resolutions (if any) did you make this year?


  1. You accomplished so much this past year-- and traveled to so many cool places. Crossing my fingers for your fantasy football league for this year :)

  2. I'm on the losing weight bandwagon also - what's going to be your plan for that?

  3. It's been great reading along Lauren. Looking forward to following your adventures in 2016!

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