January 25, 2016

Bedroom Design

After a long hiatus of design stuff here on the blog, I showed you guys my office space. This is a space I would love to redo with some white desks, but I think that won't happen for a while. Now I am back today to share with you the master bedroom.

I have always thought that good spaces take time. Finding all the right pieces for each room, takes time. My master bedroom actually came together very fast. Now while I don't think it is perfect (I already want new bedding) It is a room I love to be in. 

I see a lot of really neutral bedrooms these days. I love them. It makes the bedroom exude calm and sophistication. However, I decided to go another way with the room after finding two beautiful canvases at my local HomeGoods.

I love the statement that a super-bold art makes. I noticed quickly, that there was a problem  I needed to avoid: I was weighting down one side of the room with saturated color. So then you have to incorporate a colored piece like a vase on the other side of the room.

My husband gives me free reign when decorating our home, but thankfully he loves our shared space too! 

What are some of your favorite ways to add color in your design?


  1. I love it!!! Those canvases are gorgeous and add such a fun bright pop of color!

  2. very nice! I love the pops of color - can someone say "hurry up spring?!" lol

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  4. So pretty! Wanna come work on my place? :P

  5. I love the areas. Decorating is one reason why I can't wait for a house because the condo is "keith's" and when we get "our" place, I can do more!

  6. This images are looking really awesome. I was searching this type of images only as we want to renovate our house with the help of an interior designer.

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